Liz Snedker Photography ~ What to Wear? ~ Spring Portraits

Wow, what fantastic weather we are having in March!

Well, it’s time for those spring time portraits and the blossoms are blooming. I am just in the process of  writing a ‘What to Wear?’ guide for my portrait clients. It’s a question I get asked more and more, particularly for family portraits. Choice of clothing really does make a difference to the overall effect of your final image. When you book a portrait session with Liz Snedker Photography you will receive the new ‘What to Wear? guide with our compliments.

Guide to what to wear for family portrait session

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Liz Snedker Photography ~ Corporate Portrait in Lymington Hampshire

Recently I met with Deborah for a corporate portrait session in Lymington. Deborah is in the process of setting up her very own small business and was keen to have a professional headshot taken for her website and marketing materials. Recognising the importance and power of a good business portrait we spent time together discussing Deborah’s website and brand identity linked to colour theory and clothing.

Deborah will be the first to admit that like many of us she was nervous about having her picture taken but soon relaxed and we had fun with a few change of outfits and accessories. Wearing her grandmothers ring to add a personal and sentimental detail, we finally settled on these pictures with Deborah looking relaxed, friendly and approachable.

Corporate Photography in Hampshire

Business Headshots Lymington Photographer

Whether you are in the process of re-branding or just setting up in business, never under estimate the power of a great business portrait, nothing is more important than a first impression. Call Liz for an informal chat about creating your business portrait image.

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Liz Snedker Photography ~

Wow, it’s been too long since I last blogged!

I am not sure where the time has gone but things have been busy for me. On the business side I have put together my new website and worked very hard on the search engine optimisation which is now paying dividends with lots of lovely enquiries and bookings. I have also been busy with corporate portraits which I absolutely love and will be blogging some of those images very soon.

My 2012 pricing is now available and there are some fantastic deals to be had in my brand new ‘Collection’ packages. The collections offer various finished products at superb value for money – what you see is what you get – great for those of you who like to know up front what you are buying and to keep strictly in budget. Please contact me to have an informal chat about your portrait requirements for 2012.

In my personal life I am in the process of selling and buying a house which in this market is quite a challenging experience. However, I am clinging on to the fantasy of my very own office/studio which very soon may become reality – exciting times!

Easter is just round the corner so I will leave you with an appropriate image for this time of year. Albeit a couple of years old, this is a picture of my daughter’s chick called ‘Pip’ which hatched from an egg she lovingly incubated!

Portrait Photographer in Lymington

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Liz Snedker Photography – What to Wear? – Christmas Family Photography

Not long until Christmas now and here is a quick ‘What to Wear?’ guide for the festive season.

What Should I Wear For My Photo Shoot In Hampshire

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Liz Snedker Photography ~ What to Wear?

I often get asked ‘What should I wear for my photo shoot?’

Whilst I do offer my clients individual advice tailored to their needs and their photo shoot, I also thought it would be fun to do a series of blogs each month called “What to Wear?” These are particularly useful for family portrait sessions but great for individual inspiration too!

So, to start it off here is the first ever entry of ‘What to Wear’ showing a really great autumnal array of clothing for men, women, boys and girls. The first selection is perfect if you would describe yourself as a ‘jeans’ person or family – at your happiest in a comfortable pair of jeans with a smart top or jumper and a few simple accessories. If the lady likes to be a bit more dressy but has a partner or husband that only feels relaxed in jeans, no problem since this combination works perfectly in the second selection.

Not only will these selections be harmonious with a group or family together, importantly the clothing will blend beautifully when photographed outside with a backdrop of trees displaying their autumnal colours in all their glory.

Don’t forget accessories can make all the difference to a great image; perhaps a hat, scarf or a great necklace!

Great clothing ideas for an autumnal photo shoot

These selections are a guide to help you create harmonious outfits particularly for the group/family portrait sessions. I do not advocate buying a new wardrobe for your photo shoot, I think you will be amazed by what you already have – go and take a look and have some fun putting outfits together!

Still unsure? Please don’t worry, for further advice contact me here.

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Liz Snedker Photography~Editing Images From Teenage Photo Shoot~How many looks?

It occurred to me this morning whilst editing some images from a recent teen photo shoot, just how many different looks could I create from one image? I suppose this could be infinite when you take into account the possibilities i.e crop, black and white, colour, not to mention the faded, surreal or cross processed look!

I am passionate about black and white images but I also love to use my creativity when cropping an image. Now, many photographers would argue that all cropping should take place in-camera and in the main I agree since it makes life easier in the day to day processing of clients images. However, sometimes I enjoy nothing more than having a ‘play’ cropping my images to achieve a different ‘look.’ Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

Here are just a few of my results from this morning’s efforts. Starting with the original shot out of camera and then a quick simple crop to make things more even and a conversion to black and white:

Teen Photography DorsetTeenage Photography in Dorset

I love square crops and letterbox crops:

Groovy Teenage Photographs by Liz SnedkerFantastic Teenage Photography in Lymington

A few more ideas:

Cool Dude Teenager Photographed in LymingtonCool Teen Photography in Hampshire

Finally some food for thought, flipping a photo over:

Dude Photography in HampshireSo cool and Trendy Photographer in Lymington

The square and letterbox are my favourite what’s yours?

P.S Hey, this dude reminds me of James Dean!

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October 2011

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Liz Snedker Photography~Number 13!

Well my blog hasn’t been going very long but a spooky thing just happened! I came to write a post and I am told this is my 13th blog post and of course looking at the date it is Halloween. Call me superstitious and I really cannot explain why but I will leave this blog post to a few words only and create my 14th blog as normal with pictures!


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September 11

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Liz Snedker Photography~Business Head Shots in Winchester~Corporate Portrait Photographer in Hampshire

Earlier in the year I met with Lisa Boyd, a lawyer from Winchester. Lisa was in the process of re-branding her business ‘Lisa Boyd Coaching’ and wanted some new corporate images to complement her brand and new website.

After an initial phone consultation I met with Lisa at her business premises. Together, before taking any photographs, we chatted through the final concept and vision she had for her corporate business portraits including the all important colour theory for her branding. After a quick ‘cuppa’ we got to work capturing images to include classic head shots, full portraits and even Lisa at work with her client, all produced in a variety of colour and black and white.

Lawyer Business Portrait Head ShotsWith Lisa’s re-branding she understood the importance of investing in a good professional corporate business image . With Lisa’s kind permission I am able to show you the difference a professional portrait can make to your business. Before the re-brand, Lisa used a personal snapshot of herself (see below) and hopefully you can clearly see from the second image the tremendous difference a professional shot makes.

Head Shot Photographer in HampshireIf you would like to know more about how I can provide you with a corporate business portrait then please feel free to contact me here.

Lisa reviewed our session saying: …”Liz is an exceptional portrait photographer. I hired her to do some corporate shots for my website. She immediately put me at my ease which resulted in my shots looking relaxed, approachable and professional – exactly as I had briefed Liz.”
To see the full review of my services from Lisa Boyd please click here

To see Lisa’s website and the services her business offers please visit here.





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